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4 Ways to Make Reading to Your Baby Fun

January 9, 2014

By Jessica Vician

Video by Libby VanWhy

The more experience your child has with books, the easier it will be to teach him or her to read. It may seem silly to read to an infant or a younger child who does not yet speak. He or she can’t understand what you’re saying, right?

The truth is, we don’t really know how much a baby can understand before he or she starts to speak. But we do know that by reading to your very young child, you are helping his or her brain develop. As if that was not enough, it’s also an opportunity to bond with your child, and can even be fun for you!

To show you how fun reading to a young child can be, the YOU Parent team filmed this video, demonstrating a few tips.

  • Exaggerate your voice.
  • Use different voices for different characters.
  • When reading about animals, make their sounds to help your child identify the sound to the animal.
  • Point out words on the page and sound them out.

Next week is Book Week, so what better time to practice these techniques when reading with your child? Be silly and dramatic—you’ll both be smiling from ear to ear!


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