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DIY Activity: Holiday Cards – Free Download

December 4, 2014
DIY Activity: Holiday Cards – Free Download | Two "happy holidays" cards colored by children. Click this image and print for the free download.
Cards illustrated by Dex Gonzalez. 

The holidays are a time of giving, and what better way to show love and appreciation than with a homemade card? We created these holiday card templates for you to download and print for a fun DIY family activity. 

Just click here and you will see a downloadable PDF for both cards and envelopes. Right click on the image and choose "print." 

Use this activity as an opportunity to teach your child about the importance of giving and showing loved ones he or she cares. Ask your child who he or she wants to send cards to, and encourage him or her to customize the card for each person. For example, in above right card, a YOU Parent staff member's nephew said he loves his aunt so he drew a heart and a smiley face. For babies too young to express feelings, dip their hands in a non-toxic finger paint and stamp it in the blank space. Your child can write whatever he or she wants in the inside of the card so it's special for each recipient.

We hope you enjoy making these cards with your child. It's a wonderful free activity for parents and children to do, and a true pleasure for the loved one to receive such a thoughtful gift. 


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