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Celebrate Family, Friends, and Community this February

February 3, 2014

By Amanda Gebhardt

Kids celebrate in the snow

As six more weeks of winter still supposedly loom ahead of us, February is a month to appreciate what we have and who we are. While romance gets most of the attention this month, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and President’s Day serve as reminders to think about those in our lives who we love and about the communities to which we belong.

  • Valentine’s Day. This particular day doesn’t have to be only about a romantic partner. To this day, my mom still sends my brother and me Valentine’s Day cards, usually with a treat included. I used to wake up for school and find a card and a small box of chocolates on the kitchen table. While my parents exchanged their own cards and gifts, my mom always included us, reminding us that we were loved. Use this time to show your love and appreciation to everyone who plays a significant role in your life.
  • Black History Month. Black History is American History. It is the story of the struggles and journeys our nation has taken to be the country we are today. The path was not easy, so use this month to celebrate how far we’ve come and to remember that only together can we truly move forward to a better tomorrow.
  • President’s Day. As of today, 44 men have served our country over the course of its sometimes-tumultuous history. There have been those who have defined us, like George Washington, whose birthday began this annual holiday, and Abraham Lincoln, who altered the course of American History. There are those, like John F. Kennedy, who were taken from us too soon. 44 times over the course of 238 years we have seen peaceful transfers of power while other nations strive for a single peaceful election. If that’s not a reason to be proud, I don’t know what is.

This month, YOU Parent is taking the time to appreciate the people in our lives and the journeys that have brought us all here together. We won’t forget the journeys we’re still on, though, and those that lie ahead, including the road to college that many of you are walking with your teenagers right now. Remember that together we are stronger, smarter, and better than we ever can be apart.

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