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Keep Your Child’s Skills Sharp this Summer

June 11, 2014

By Dawn Stevens

A photo of a completed worksheet by Mariana.

Summer vacation is here, and the thought of it brings different reactions from children and parents. Kids look forward to long, lazy days, while parents try to juggle childcare, summer schedules, and jobs.

It’s important that summer vacation be relaxing, recharging, and mentally challenging to your children. Studies show that children lose some skills over the summer vacation if they are not reinforced regularly.

Your child will benefit from the educational and recreational activities offered at many daycare centers. If you have a small, independent daycare or in-home childcare, you can still provide your children these important benefits with a little planning on your part.

As your children finish up school for the year, try to have a conference with their teachers to discuss areas where your children may need additional work. Then, visit your local school supply store for educational workbooks related to your child’s grade. Make sure you browse the store, as there may be fun projects outside the math/English/spelling books you are looking for! (Of course, age-appropriate projects are important for the safety of all.)

When the school year ends, give the kids a few days of vacation before discussing a schedule of activities for the summer months. Depending on other camps, classes, or lessons your child is involved in, you can establish a goal of one hour a day for workbooks and reading. Check your local library to see if they have any summer reading programs available.

By planning ahead, you can make your children’s summer both relaxing and educational, leaving them well prepared when the school bell rings again in the fall!

To get your kids off to a strong start, we made this worksheet for first through third graders to practice their fractions. Download and print it for your kids today!

1. Circle the shapes with the equal parts.

2. How much of this circle is purple? 3. Is this half of an apple or a whole apple?

4. There are 4 people in the Rodriguez family. If Mom cuts one equal piece of pie for each family member, how many pieces of pie are there? 5. If Mom eats a piece of pie, how much is left?

Worksheet illustrated by Libby VanWhy

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