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8 Valentine's Day DIY Crafts

February 6, 2015

By Jessica Vician

8 Valentine's Day DIY Crafts | Try some of these DIY Valentine's Day crafts with your kids this weekend. | An illustration of two characters with hearts floating between them.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner—can you believe it? At YOU Parent, we include our kids in as many holiday activities as possible to up the fun factor. Try some of these DIY crafts with your kids this weekend.

Valentine's Day Décor
When your kids help you make the holiday décor, they’ll take pride in the house and their contributions to the decorations.

Valentine’s Day Cards
Instead of purchasing cards, let your kids make their Valentine’s Day cards to share in the classroom. These unique options should be a hit with classmates.

Check out our Valentine’s Day Activities Pinterest board for more ideas.


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