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Fireworks Alternatives

July 2, 2015

Fireworks Alternatives | If you have young children or animals, fireworks might be too intense for them this year. Instead, try these homemade noisemakers.

If you have young kids or animals, fireworks could a bit too much for them this year. The noises alone can frighten them and if they’re too close, can cause hearing damage or burns.

For a more family-friendly 4th of July celebration, try homemade noisemakers. The noise level is more appropriate for youngsters and it won’t send your animals running for the hills. Noisemakers are a safe and easy way for your kids to participate in the ruckus without harming anyone. Here are some ideas:

  • Put uncooked rice in an empty plastic bottle, tightening the cap, and shake.
  • Give the kids a box of macaroni and cheese that you haven’t opened yet.
  • Tape one end of a toilet paper tube, pour in rice or candy, and then tape up the other side. Let your kids decorate the tubes with colorful markers and glitter.

You would be surprised how fun shaking these bottles and boxes can be for a young child.

Do you have another fireworks alternative we should try? Share in the comments below. Happy 4th of July!


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