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5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts

June 14, 2016

By Jessica Vician

5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts | This Father’s Day let your kids get Dad a unique gift or take a family outing that speaks to how special he is. | A father hugs his daughter.

Forget the ties, money clips, and grilling tools. Father’s Day is about more than cliché gifts for Dad. It’s about saying ‘thank you’ for all that he does for you and the kids, and about creating an experience he’ll remember for years. This Father’s Day let your kids get Dad a unique gift or take a family outing that speaks to how special he is.

For the Bearded Papa
If Dad has or wants to grow a beard or mustache, elevate his look with a beard or mustache wax. It gives the facial hair more control and can soften the beard for better face-to-face cuddles with your child (and you!).

For the Hands-on Dad
DIY isn’t just for moms and kids. When Dad starts dreaming of carpentry and making his own chair or side table, encourage him to do it right with a woodworking class. If he already has basic skills, he can take a specialty class, like wood carving.

Bonus points for classes that are kid-friendly, so both Dad and his daughter and/or son can watch and help with the little things. If your child is a teenager, sign both of them up for a class so they can learn to build together.

For the Rockin’ Daddio
Help him learn a new instrument or a new musical style with a music class. Local colleges and music schools offer classes for children and parents, as well as solo classes just for adults.

Register the novice for introduction to guitar or the advanced guitarist for a Beach Boys ensemble and he’ll keep the tunes rocking at home. And if guitar isn’t his thing, schools may offer classes in piano, harmonica, drumming, songwriting, and more.

For the Social Pops
If Pops is a social guy who likes having his friends and family hang out together, organize a mocktail party with your kids and invite family friends.

The kids can make the invitations and help you choose a menu with alcohol-free Bloody Marys, piña coladas, punches, and fizzes. Let them pick out napkins, plates, plastic glasses, and swizzle sticks from the party store. Serve cheese and crackers and a few easy-to-make appetizers, turn on Dad’s favorite tunes, and celebrate!

For the Sports Dad
For a Father’s Day the sports lover will never forget, take the family to the Father’s Day baseball game in your nearest city. Many ballparks have Father’s Day games with special giveaways for kids. Get a picture near home plate and savor the memories for years to come.

Do you have a unique idea for Father’s Day? Share it with us in the comments below.


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