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What are kids' favorite parts of school?

March 14, 2017

By Jessica Vician

What are kids' favorite parts of school? | The photo shows what kids wrote: lunch! yummy, language arts, reading, science, recess! math...

We asked. They answered.

What is your favorite part of school?

Math came in at number one. Are you surprised?

Tied for second place were:

  • Art
  • Lunch
  • Making jokes with teachers
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Recess

The answers—from a poll we informally conducted during a past Cesar Chavez Day event at the Brookfield Zoo—give us a glimpse into what really makes our kids tick.

While many of us think that math is hard, these kids are up for the challenge. Find ways to incorporate mathematical concepts into daily learning opportunities to keep your children excited and engaged. Encourage them to pursue activities, clubs, and classes that expand on basic mathematical principals. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers are in demand, so encouraging a love of math and science could lead to a great job in the future.

We also learned that kids love learning and socializing, even outside of their peer group! Six topics tied for second place, and of those six topics, three are opportunities for socializing. Use that knowledge to motivate your children to go to school and study hard. If your children are struggling with studying, remind them that doing well in school affords them time to see friends and favorite teachers.

If they like their teachers, encourage them to ask for extra help if they need it or extra activities to do at home for fun.

Lastly, kids love using their senses and imaginations. Let their minds run away in a good book, encourage them to listen to and learn music to boost creativity and cognitive abilities, and express themselves while creating art.

Use this glimpse inside our children's brains to foster a love of learning and desire to connect with friends. Celebrate with an outdoor concert, a trip to the art museum with friends, or even a camp or special class outside of school on computers, coding, or mathematics.


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