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About YOU: The Books, The Program, The Movement

December 5, 2013

by Jessica Vician

About YOU: The Books, The Program, The Movement 

“Every parent I have ever met wants to be a great parent.” 

That realization, combined with the birth of her grandson and an extensive career in education, sparked Sunny P. Chico’s desire to help parents do the best they can to help shape their child’s life. She believes that every parent has to power to guide his or her child to educational success. Chico first wrote the series YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher to help parents do just that. After a strong interest from educators for ways to better support their parent communities, Chico and her team expanded the YOU Program to include workshops that bring parents together to critically evaluate their own strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge gaps across the continuum of balanced parenting and to learn how to be the kind of parent they want to be. 

The books and workshops continue to empower parents to be pillars of strength for their child’s academic, social, behavioral, and physical well-being. In turn, these participants have inspired us to bring this community of parents together in a new way to continue to learn how to provide the very best of what this world offers to their child. 

The YOU Parent site is a gathering place to provide community support, information, and advice to parents of all backgrounds that will inspire and help them boost their child’s achievement as a student and prepare them for adulthood. We know that it’s the differences that make us great and that can offer us perspectives we never thought to consider. That is why YOU Parent celebrates all cultures and ethnicities. We’re here to find pride and strength in our differences and to build a world without boundaries or limitations so that all of our children have a real chance to succeed.

Through each article, poll, or message, we hope to give you the tools you need to continue growing as a parent. When you read an article that you can relate to, head over to the forum to share your thoughts with us and the other community members. Participate in the weekly polls so we can learn more about you and deliver content tailored toward your needs. Send us questions so we can answer them in Questions from YOU. Join the movement. Help us all become better parents so our children can lead a better world. 

Welcome to YOU Parent.