With the safety and environmental protection of UV ink is gradually accepted by the user, it has also made explosive growth in many new market areas.
In recent years, the market share of UV ink in the field of European printing continues to grow, even in the case of the outbreak of the economic crisis, the market demand for this ink is still very strong.
However, behind the popularity of UV technology, many UV ink manufacturers, suppliers, accessories suppliers and equipment manufacturers are worried about whether the durability of this ink can be recognized by the market.
In addition, there are some enterprises in the printing and paper products manufacturer and end users in the UV printing process of health, safety and environmental protection. Since 30 years ago, the first landing in the European market, the question has been around the UV ink has not stopped.
People are most worried about is the UV ink in the harmful ingredients, especially photoinitiator, it can be transferred from <a href=http://www.packagingbox.org/product-category/paper-packaging/jewelry-box>packaging</a> materials to food.
In order to eliminate the user to worry about the security of UV ink, the printing enterprise must follow the correct process when using UV ink and UV ink manufacturers also need to provide more technical support to their clients.
In order to reduce the burden of printing enterprises, equipment suppliers have developed a series of monitoring tools and systems, including electronic control device, it can not only run the data acquisition equipment, but also use it as the basis for adjustment of equipment.
In the long run, the biggest challenge for UV ink, accessories and equipment manufacturers is to develop a product that can replace traditional mercury curing lamps. Mercury is now included in the EU's list of hazardous substances used in electrical and electronic equipment.
Judging from the current situation, one of the most promising new technology is to use LED (light-emitting diode) to dry UV ink and varnish. However, if the user wants to use this curing method, manufacturers must make significant adjustments to the ink formulation.
The use of LED devices can further prove that people are able to demonstrate the environmental benefits of UV printing, but also significantly reduce the amount of energy used by printing companies.
One of the main reasons for the rapid expansion of the UV ink market is that it has a high degree of safety and environmental protection, and can help printing companies to reach the EU's latest VOC emission regulations.