My son is now 15 months old and everyday is a new adventure...for the both of us! As I continue to try to raise my son as a decent, well-mannered boy, it's hard to established what is allowed as to what isn't. I by no means 'spank' or 'hit' my baby, I simply and firmly say 'NO' if he is about to get into trouble. I noticed that my stepson will do the same tagging along 'bad boy' and my boyfriend raises his hand frantically to put fear into him that a slap may be coming (no he has never actually done it). I don't like the look my son has when these actions are in play but obviously me just saying no just challenges him to do whatever it is that I am saying no to. He's still very young so I can't do a timeout quite yet. I thought about a playful slap on the hand. I was curious to see how other parents discipline their child? What works for you? Is mine still too young to start disciplining? Any thoughts?