<a href=http://www.packagingbox.org/product-category/paper-packaging>Packaging design</a> refers to the use of appropriate packaging materials, the use of clever means of technology, packaging products for the container structure modeling and packaging decorative design. We can see the three elements of packaging design.
Shape element
The shape factor is the appearance of the product packaging, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. We know that the form is the form of elements, or this is the form elements, is a certain method, the law of the various forms of the ever-changing. Form is composed of several elements, such as point, line, surface and body. Packaging designers must be familiar with the characteristics of the form elements and their expressions, and this as a manifestation of the beauty of the material.
When we consider the shape elements of packaging design, we must know it from the perspective of formal beauty. In accordance with the design of the packaging design of the United States and the law of the combination of the characteristics of the product itself, will be a combination of organic and natural factors, in order to achieve a perfect unified design image.
Composition elements
The composition is a complete picture of the trade marks, the figures, the characters and the combination of the goods. The combination of these four aspects constitute the overall effect of packaging and decoration.
Material elements
Material elements are the texture and texture of the surface of the material used for packaging. It often affects the visual effects of commodity packaging. The best results can be achieved by changing the surface or surface of different materials. Whether it is material for packaging, paper material, plastic material glass materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, wood materials and other composite materials have different texture texture effect. The use of different materials, and properly configured to provide consumers with novel, cold or luxury and other different feelings. Material element is an important part of packaging design, it is directly related to the overall function of packaging and economic costs, production and processing methods and packaging waste recycling and other aspects of the problem.