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Finish Your Degree for You and Your Child

March 24, 2014

By Jessica Vician

A father poses for a photo with his children at commencement.

Parental support, along with quality teachers, homework completion, and study time can increase your child’s educational success. But did you know that modeling positive behavior and completing your own education could also help your child succeed in school?

According to a 2012 study through the U.S. Department of Education, students with parents who graduated from college are more likely to succeed in school than students whose parents did not finish high school. Those same students are over 5 percent more likely to be at an advanced level in school than those whose parents did not finish high school.

If you have always wanted to finish your high school or college degree, but decided to put your child’s education before your own, consider these facts:

Look into furthering your education to set a strong example for your child and help him or her perform better in the classroom. Contact your state’s Department of Education to find out how to earn your high school diploma. Take classes toward a certificate or undergraduate degree at a community college. There are many scholarships available for adults looking to finish a degree.

You are already doing a great job for your kids by supporting them. Take the next step to support yourself by finishing your education. You will be more confident and knowledgeable and can pass those qualities on to your child to help him or her succeed in school and later in life.


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