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What difference does parent engagement make?

November 8, 2016

By Jessica Vician

What difference does parent engagement make? | "The more parents we have involved, the better we can help the kids.”

YOU Parent is a part of the YOU Program, a parent engagement program that unites teachers and parents to support a child’s academic success at school and at home.

The YOU Program team is dedicated to empowering parents and educators to support the child’s academic achievement through a holistic approach that addresses the child’s four core needs—social well-being, emotional well-being, physical health, and academic achievement. We teach parent engagement best practices through our 3-book set, YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher, and by delivering workshops to parents, teachers, and administrators throughout the country.

What difference does parent engagement make? These readers, leaders, and workshop attendees will tell you: it makes a world of difference. Here’s what they say:

“We feel strongly that the advantage of having parental engagement in our schools will make a huge difference in the future. Having the parents involved in this equation in education is critical.”
–Superintendent in Phoenix, AZ

“As a veteran teacher, I can say that this book should be a must read for all parents.”
–Illinois Teacher of the Year, Chicago, IL

“The workshop really helped us think more about our children and their environment. They helped us understand the importance of a child’s physical and emotional well-being and how that relates to school and what we can do to help motivate them.”
–Parent of middle school student, Phoenix, AZ

“I am a community advocate for community responsibility and understanding our roles. The YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher book series saves me so much time and gives me the tools I was looking for to share!”
–Community advocate in Philadelphia, PA

“When parents know they have help, students will be more successful.” 
–Superintendent in Los Angeles County, CA

“First time I have seen a structured, truly holistic approach to parent engagement. This program needs to be implemented in all schools. The more parents we have involved, the better we can help the kids.”
–Teacher, Dayton, OH

“The books were very informative, strategic, and organized. They will help manage the growth patterns of any child.”
–Mother, Chicago, IL

Now that you know what a difference parent engagement makes, what will you do? Ask your child’s school principal to host a parent workshop and read through the 3-book set to see what you can do to support your child, no matter what grade level. It’s never too late to become an engaged parent.


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