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Halloween Movies for All Ages

October 30, 2014

By Nikki Cecala

Halloween Movies for All Ages | Happy Halloween image with bats in on an orange background.

One of the best parts about Halloween besides dressing up and getting free candy are the movies. There are so many genres of films, from funny cartoons to suspenseful slashers, that it’s easy to find something for every age. Embrace the season and cuddle up with your son or daughter on a chilly night and watch one of these good thrills.

Ages 0-6
These movies are a great introduction to Halloween for young ones. Each movie touches on Halloween traditions whether it’s trick or treating, telling scary stories, or learning about monsters.

Ages 7-12
These flicks have a little more spook to them, but don’t worry—they’re quickly redeemed with comedy.

Ages 13 and up
This list contains the classic scare movies. Warning: you might even have flashbacks to the first time you saw these movies and remember how scared you were!

Depending on what kind of movies you allow your child to watch (i.e. gory, slasher, suspense), be aware of the language, violence, sexual situations, and whether you deem it age appropriate. If you are unsure about a movie’s ratings, check out Common Sense Media. You can search most movies and the site will tell you everything you need to know from its educational value to positive role models to the level of violence. It also rates the movie on their own age scale, and includes reviews from parents and children.

What are some Halloween favorites you enjoy watching with your family? Tell me in the comments below.


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