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4 Tips for Better Positive Reinforcement

July 28, 2014

By Jessica Vician

Positive reinforcement.

It’s a great concept. When someone does something well, you praise them for it. Then they will know to repeat that positive behavior in the future.

When we trained our dog to sit, stay, then come when called, we gave her cheese when she obeyed. But you can’t give your child cheese every time he or she does something well. Not only is that unhealthy both physically and psychologically, but it’s hard to measure or recognize some of the most important traits that parents should reinforce.

Thanks to The Parent Cue’s advice, we can ditch the cheese and use the following techniques for praising our children’s positive actions:

  • Be Specific
  • Acknowledge Effort
  • Establish a Pattern
  • Stretch Your Vocabulary

Click through for their description of these techniques and learn how you can better reinforce your child’s positive behavior and improvements. Cheese might seem like a delicious option, but in the end, these techniques will help your child become more confident and will help you give better compliments. Everybody wins!


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