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Back to School Shopping Tips & Ideas

July 30, 2014

By Jose Garcia

Back to School Shopping Tips and Ideas | Back to School graphic with painting palettes, colored pencils, rulers, and basketballs.

All good things must come to an end, and summer break for our kids is no exception. Back to school usually means being bombarded by ads and commercials that feature all of the must-haves for your child, including school supplies, clothes, shoes, and haircuts, just to name a few. The biggest concern for most parents or guardians is how expensive this yearly tradition can be, especially if you have more than one child.

Fortunately, many states across the country offer tax holidays, which can help you save money. Tax holidays are specific days on which consumers are not required to pay sales taxes on certain items. The month of August has proven to be a month where you’ll most likely find a tax holiday for back to school items.

Here is a list of tax holiday states, tax-free items, spending amounts, and dates.

There are other savvy options you can use in those states that do not offer tax holidays. A personal favorite of mine is to shop online. Many times you’ll find much better deals on the same items that would cost you more at a retail store. Additionally, the majority of sites will offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount (usually $50, but it varies per site).

If shopping at a physical store location is an absolute must, take note on what sales are going on where. All stores want your business during this time of year and will lower their prices for the sake of having you walk through their doors. To find out about these sales in advance, sign up for email lists, look through coupons in the mail, research online, and simply ask around. Keep in mind that when making your purchases, generic versions of leading products are usually equal in quality but much less expensive.

Finally, remember to have fun with your children! Bring them along on your shopping trips. You’ll be surprised with the quality time you get to enjoy with your children while teaching them valuable lessons in smart shopping and responsibility. These experiences will remain with your child throughout their lifetime, and they’ll thank you for it.


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I always loved my back to school supplies! Brand new crayons, fresh notebooks, a cool trapper keeper :)

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